Hey! I'm Cory.

I believe I am on this planet to create a world of love, laughter, and fulfillment. I am a passionate servant to my missions: developing and supporting leaders, nurturing my thriving community of friends and family, and the total optimization of my own human experience. I do my best to live in the balance of yin and yang: ambition and humility, purpose and play, the sacred and the practical.

Maybe we already know each other? If not, then I hope we’ll have the chance to soon. Either way, my commitment is to share with you honestly and make your life better in whatever capacity I can.


Interested in Coaching?

If you came here to get in touch with me about coaching, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s connect and explore if working together aligns and would be inspiring for us both. Click below for a discovery call, free of charge.


Supergood is my coaching company. We focus on a 'whole person' approach: looking deep into the professional and personal in parallel. Supergood also shares my ambitions for creating more resilient and capable leaders and supporting them to bring more greatness in this world. Whatever the potential is, Supergood is in the business of realizing it.

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Supergood Podcast

The process of becoming a better person should be fun and addictive. We bring the best of the best from the fast moving worlds of personal and professional development straight to you—and call bullshit when we see it, too.

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Social media is only worthwhile if it makes your life feel fuller. Follow us and if we add to your experience—maybe even make you laugh—then choose to stick around.

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